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Spend a steamy Valentine’s Day with Aaron and Nina!

New Contemporary Romance from Rene Webb – Love Found is Available Now!
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Title: Love Found
Author: Rene Webb
Series: A Pinetree Novel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 26, 2018
Length: 122 pages
Format: Digital

In FINDING SUNSHINE Aaron and Nina over-came Aaron’s dark past to find a future together.

Will their Valentine’s Day go according to plan?

The honeymoon is over…

This is where their happily-ever-after begins...

Available at: Amazon

Excerpt One:
Holding myself up with one arm, I slide my other hand up along her ribcage until I’m cupping her breast. Her soft skin is chilled from the cold air. I brush my thumb over her already erect nipple and I feel a shiver move through her body.
“Are you cold?” I mutter, against the skin of her neck.
“No,” Nina laughs. “Your beard does things to me.”
“Really?” I continue to kiss and tease her.
Nina’s fingers scratch the back of my neck as she pulls me closer, wrapping her leg around my waist. She writhes in excitement underneath me, and releases her own satisfied moan.
I pull away, unhooking her leg and smile down at my sunshine. Her red puffy lips are pouting, wanting me to continue. There is nothing sexier than seeing my woman looking up at me with desire – knowing that I can and will do anything to give her pleasure.
“These tights have to go,” I tell her kneeling up so I can reach down and begin revealing the rest of her body, that I know lies hidden underneath.
“Leggings,” she reminds me breathlessly, fisting my hair as I lick and suck the skin above her hipbones, leaving my mark. If my woman can still correct me, then I have not made her mindless with pleasure, which is my ultimate goal. Nothing gets me harder, faster, than getting my wife hot and wet.

Excerpt Two:
“Sunshine, what’s the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile?” I ask, staring at the login screen. Willing it to all make sense. Online communities have never interested me, but I do realize you can’t run a successful business without utilizing them.
“What are you doing?” Nina comes out of the kitchen to look over my shoulder.
“Trying to figure out what online profiles I need to create for the pub,” I answer, looking at my notepad where I’ve listed several online communities.
“Do you want my help?” Nina wraps her arms around my neck from behind; I lean my head back into her chest and rub her arms gently.
“You wouldn’t mind?” I continue to stare blankly at the computer screen.
“Of course not.” She kisses my forehead. “All you have to do is ask.”
“I’ve got a shit ton of other stuff to do today, but would you want to come to the office with me tomorrow morning and help?” I tilt my head back further in order to see her face, which is smiling down at me.
“Sounds like fun.” She gives me a squeeze, before letting go and heading back into the kitchen. Stopping after several steps Nina turns and smiles, “I should warn you. I don’t come cheap.”
I laugh. “Don’t worry. I’ll make it worth your while.” Her resounding giggle sets me into a much better mood.
Nina has a way of always making my mood brighter!
Excerpt Three:
As I walk back into the room Aaron is tucking his phone back into his pocket. Looking up at me, he smiles and holds out his hand for the container and says, “Dessert… great idea, Sunshine.”
“I thought we’d have cookies first,” I tell him with a smile, handing over the container and sitting on the sofa next to him.
“What did Richard want?”
Setting the cookies aside Aaron reaches over and takes my hand, pulling me to straddle his lap. “Nothing. I told him I’d call him back tomorrow.”
He cups the back of my neck and pulls me into a heated kiss, while his other hand works its way up the back of my baggy sweatshirt. Our breath mingles, our teeth clash and our tongues move together in a fevered dance. Aaron’s calloused fingers move along the skin of my back. I shiver as the familiar warmth runs through me.
He pulls back just enough to groan,  “Fuck, Sunshine,” before removing his hand from where it's tangled in my hair to grab my backside roughly. I rock against him, feeling him harden beneath his jeans.
“Cookies first?” I ask, pulling away and picking up the forgotten container.
“I don’t think anything tastes as good as you,” Aaron comments, before shoving almost the entire cookie into his mouth at once.
“Not even your favorite cookies?” I grab his wrist and force him to feed me the remaining cookie from his hand. He gives me a playful scowl.
“These are pretty amazing…” He reaches over and grabs another cookie.
“How can you even taste it, when you shove it practically whole into your mouth?” I ask, leaning forward and taking another bite from his hand.
“Don’t worry, I can.” He mumbles around his mouthful, and then he swallows thickly. “Now I just need to taste you Sunshine, so I can compare.”
 I smile as his eyes widened, while he watches me reach down, pull up my sweatshirt and toss it onto the sofa beside us.
After shoving the remaining piece of cookie in his mouth, Aaron glides his hands slowly up my side and cups my breasts. A shiver runs through me and I lean forward into his warmth. I nip, suck, and tease the delicate skin behind his ear as he continues to gently knead my breasts.
One hand moves from between our bodies to cup the back of my head, and then Aaron directs our lips into a rough peanut butter flavored nipping kiss. I groan, grinding my sex against his increasing hardness. A growl reverberates within Aaron, as he wraps his arms around me.
“Aaron.” I cry out in surprise breaking the heated kiss as he stands, picking me up with him. I instinctively tighten my hold around his neck and raise my legs to wrap round his narrow waist.
“Hold on,” he chuckles, walking us towards the bedroom.

Author Bio:
Rene Webb, a former Catholic schoolgirl and child of the ‘80’s, is a recovering Soap Opera addict who grew up watching General Hospital. She became weary with the relentless drama and sought out stories with happy endings that lasted. Now, Rene is an contemporary romance author, where there is always a happily-ever-after!
A graduate of The George Washington University in Washington DC, 05’, with a BA in History. Rene went on to get her Masters in Film Studies, 09’, from Chapman University, Orange CA.
She founded and runs the book blog Lit. 4 Ladies (a joint venture with her sister) and has self-published both a novella and full-length contemporary romance novel.
Authors such as Jane Austen, Kristen Ashley, Cherise Sinclair, Sierra Cartwright, Donna Fletcher, Jennifer Ashley, and Bianca Giovanni have inspired her. They all create strong female characters, swoon-worthy men, and stories that leave their readers with the hope that you, too, will find your own H.E.A.!
Rene also enjoys reading, baking, seeing movies, going to museums, and spending time with her friends and family.
Rene lives in Arlington, VA.
You can visit her online at the following places: Website Facebook | Twitter Goodreads | Amazon | Instagram | Pinterest

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Pre-order FINAL SIEGE by Scarlett Cole today!

"Fantastic characters, scorching sexual tension, and non-stop action make this one of my favorite reads this year! Highly recommend!" —New York Times bestselling author Laura Kaye

"Scarlett Cole's characters pull you in from the very first page with real emotion and sizzling chemistry. Don't miss this action packed thrill ride." Cherry Adair, New York Times bestselling author

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In the Line of Fire...
Former SEAL Malachai “Mac” MacCarrick is all about the future he’s created with his Navy brothers in Eagle Securities, taking assignments in the most dangerous places, and doing things no one but ex-military would attempt. But when an urgent phone call brings his troubled past—and the woman he once loved—into the present, it’s a chance to redeem himself that he can’t refuse.
Straight to the heart. . .
An investigative journalist researching an explosive story, Delaney Shapiro tells herself she got over Mac—and his role in her brother’s death—a long time ago. But the first moment she sees him at her bedside in an overseas hospital, she knows it’s not true. Every moment together rekindles the desire that once burned between them, and now that she’s a target for an emerging Russian arms dealer, Mac won’t let her out of his sight. To protect her, he’ll risk it all—including his life…
Pre-order Now! Amazon | Amazon UK | Chapters | B&N | iBooks

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Enter to win a Kindle Fire + digital copy of UNDER FIRE!

Copyright © 2018 Scarlett Cole

“Mac,” she whispered, and tried to stop the tears and the uncontrollable shaking of her body. She shrugged his hands off her shoulders, and scrambled to the other side of the bed. Even as he held his hand in the air, the universal sign of surrender, a part of her wanted to reach for him, to let him hold her the way he had when she’d sneak into his dorm room at night.
Her head spun in confusion as she pressed her fingertips to her temples. She couldn’t do this again, couldn’t grieve for him all over again. Not on top of everything else.
“Delaney, sweetheart. You’re safe.” Those eyes of his that always reminded her of the dark blue ocean at sunset reassured her she was. She’d dreamt of them. Missed them.
God, the anger she felt toward him now was only a fraction of the love she’d felt for him all that time ago. Until he’d killed her brother when they were both twenty years old.

About Scarlett Cole
The tattoo across my right hip says it all really. A Life Less Ordinary. Inked by the amazingly talented Luke Wessman at the Wooster Street Social Club (a.k.a. New York Ink). Why is it important? Well, it sums up my view on life. That we should all aspire to live a life that is less boring, less predictable. Be bold, and do something amazing. I’ve made some crazy choices. I’ve been a car maker, a consultant, and even a senior executive at a large retailer running strategy. Born in England, spent time in the U.S. and Japan, before ending up in Canada were I met my own, personal hero – all six and a half feet of him. Both of us are scorpios! Yeah, I know! Should have checked the astrological signs earlier, but somehow it works for us. We have two amazing kids, who I either could never part with or could easily be convinced to sell on e-bay.
I’ve wanted to be a writer for a really long time. Check through my office cupboards or my computer and you’ll find half written stories and character descriptions everywhere. Now I'm getting the chance to follow that dream.
Connect with Scarlett: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Get Your First Look at GREEN by S.M. West!

Here’s your FIRST LOOK at S.M. West’s GREEN! Join us as we get our first peek at this hot and sexy romantic suspense where hope and friendship grow into something more.
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Title: Green
Author: SM West
Release Date: 2/28/18
Publisher: Self-published
Series: A Love in Color Novel
Genres: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 72,500

Green. The color of hope.
ANNA MARI is living for today, not daring to hope for tomorrow. She’s a pawn in her grandfather’s game, and time is her enemy. Her freedom is the prize.
 DAVIS COOPER is licking his wounds of betrayal when he’s assigned to babysit his boss’s sister. The pretty little thing who’s most definitely off-limits.
Though they struggle to set boundaries, the root of their friendship grows into something more. But none of that matters – Anna’s fate is sealed and neither hope nor love can save her.  

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Pre-Order Now: Amazon | B&N

GREEN Excerpt
Copyright © 2018 S.M. West

It’s the sway of her hips and mass of dark curls that catch my eye. She’s dancing at the bar while sipping a drink and leaning into some guy who is all over her. His hands bracket her waist, slowly inching down the curve of her ass.
She’s mine to protect. I charge like a bull, hot and agitated, yanking her out of his arms. Her drink spills over the guy’s shirt.
“Hey!” he yells, flicking liquid off his hands.
Anna whips her head to me, eyes wide and mouth open. “What are you…”
I lean in close and whisper, my tone thick, heavy and derisive. “This sex kitten act isn’t working for you, little girl. Stop making a fool of yourself.” I’m a damned liar, but I don’t intend to give that any thought right now.
“Get lost.” Her angry gaze lights into me, and she pivots toward the guy who is ready to take me on.
I grab her arm, wrapping her in an embrace while she tries to wriggle free. “We’re leaving.”
“Get your hands off her, asshole,” drunk college boy slurs, wobbling toward me.
“No, I’m not.” Her eyes narrow into a glower. “Leave if you want to. Let me go.”
“You heard the lady, let her go." The guy looks at her with a stupid face that he probably thinks is endearing. Instead, he's a jackass with puckered lips and crossed-eyes. “Hey baby, you okay?”
He paws her clumsily, and my patience snaps. “You touch her again, and you’ll lose your arm.”
He falters for a second, glancing down at my arms firmly banded around her and then back at me.
“Hey, man.” He raises his hands as if he’s staring down the barrel of a gun. “No disrespect, I didn’t know she was yours.”
“I’m not,” she grinds out, jabbing her elbow in my side.
I flinch but keep my hold on her and she releases a frustrated groan. The guy doesn’t give either of us a second look. He’s gone.
“Let me go,” she hisses. Ignoring her, I text Tango and Tommie to meet us out back.
Within minutes, I’m thrusting her into Tango’s arms and ordering them to take her home.
“Do not leave,” I stress, and Tango nods obediently.
Anna is fuming. Livid. Her nostrils flare and lips are tight while her eyes blaze. If looks could kill, I might be sucking in dirt. But I’ve gotta admit, hot and bothered looks good on her.
While completely uncalled for, I wink and flash my sexy grin– the one that has women falling at my feet–before turning my back on her. As I walk into the club, she curses a blue streak, and I laugh. My cock twitches, turned on by her spunk. Down boy, this is Anna. Off-limits no matter how tempting.

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About S.M. West:

S.M. West writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense, erotica and whatever her heart desires. She spends most of her time juggling a day job, being a mom, wife, and writing. She's a self-professed junkie of many things, including a voracious fan of music, a born wanderer, a wine aficionado and chocolate connoisseur.

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 Lady X's gossip sheet tells all and it leaves everybody talking.

All new material out January 23rd – It Started with A Whisper Box Set
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Title: It Started with a Whisper: A Historical Romance Collection
Genre: Regency Historical Romance
Release Date: January 23, 2018
Format: Digital

Rumors, gossip, and secrets all have a way of unraveling at the worst possible time. Follow each story as it leads you through a path of mystery and intrigue. Lady X's gossip sheet tells all and it leaves everybody talking. The rumors have the potential to ruin lives and with each whisper a new scandal arises.

Will those who find themselves the subject of her scandal sheet escape unscathed and discover who Lady X is along the way?

One Moonlit Tryst by 
Amanda Mariel Lady Tabitha Pemberton wants nothing more than to enjoy her first season without becoming attached, but when Lady X writes of a forbidden tryst between Tabitha and Colin Brooks, the earl of Harcourt, everything changes. Now Tabitha must choose between her reputation and her desire to remain unattached.

Love Me, Lord Tender by 
Deb Marlowe Lord Tensford has an old title and an empty purse. He knew it would be difficult to find a Society bride, but after Lady X heeds baseless rumor and brands him Lord Terror, it's next to impossible.
Until he comes to the aid of Lady Hope Brightley, causing Lady X to re-dub him Lord Tender.
Now he's a laughing stock and a fortune hunter. But Lady Hope means to repay him and help him find a bride. In the end, will she turn him over to the perfect mate? Or ask him to . . . Love Me, Lord Tender?

The Lady Loves a Scandal by 
Christina McKnight Many years ago, Gideon Lyndon, Viscount Galway, made a grave mistake. On the verge of rectifying this misdeed, he finds himself faced with his greatest challenge yet: winning back the woman he has loved since the moment he met her. But after a year of silence, convincing his headstrong paramour Sybil Anson to take him back will not be easy. Especially since he can't even explain why he left--not if he wants to keep her safe.

The Scandalous Widow by 
Erica Monroe Bow Street Runner Gabriel Sinclair has spent the last three years trying to forget about smart, beautiful Lady Jemma Forster, Countess of Wolverston, who broke his heart when she married his best friend. Her husband's death thrusts Gabriel and Jemma back together, as they work to find his murderer. Their investigation takes them into the darkest, most dangerous parts of London. They're perfect partners for solving crimes, but can they be partners in love too?

How to Land an Earl in Ten Days or Less by 
Ava Stone Known for his silver tongue, Reese Delacy, the Earl of Darling, wagers that he can make any girl fall in love with him in less than a fortnight. Unfortunately, the boast catches the ear and subsequently the pen of a notorious gossip columnist, making Reese a pariah in short order. He seems doomed for failure until he meets a Bermudian beauty who is seemingly unaware of the scandal.
With control of the Caribbean salt trade hanging in the balance, Miss Cara Beckett, left her home to solicit the support of parliament, never imagining she'd become embroiled in a reckless wager.

A Lady Hoyden's Secret by 
Dawn Brower Lady Helena Carter has a secret. She dare not reveal it and court her own ruin--or incur the wrath of Lady X. Oliver Hunt, the Marquess of Dashville has problems of his own regarding the Lady of Whispers, and only Lady Helena can help him. As they cross paths, desire sparks between them. Their budding romance is tested as secrets are uncovered, and the revelations will either bring them closer together or tear them apart forever.
Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks

London Prep by Jillian Dodd My rating: 5 of 5 stars What a great adventure! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book...