Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Prince's Bride (Modern Fairytales, #2)The Prince's Bride by Diane Alberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am a huge fan of the modern fairytale. I think most of us are especially every time an American becomes part of one of the European royal families. I received a free copy from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I was never a romance reader until a few years ago. I mostly read mysteries/thrillers then I read some urban fantasy and dark fantasy and started branching out. I spent a few years reading nothing but dark fantasy until I burned out and needed something completely different, hence, romance. My friends would be totally surprised, but, they also, know I went from one vampire story to the next. I started reading a few modern romances and chanced upon the modern royal subgenre and thought they were pretty fun. Obviously, we always want to see the poor underprivileged, smart girl, who works hard and helps her family or friends or even someone she sees needs help when she cannot even help herself. It makes a great story. But, when that girl is a U.S. American, it is a much better story. We can identify more with her because we can relate to her more. I am usually colorblind, but, of course, it is an even better story when the girl looks more like me.

The Prince's Bride fits in well with my reading niche. A hard-working U.S. girl who lost so much with one one death. For some, that is all it takes. Its not so much that this story has been told. It is that we can identify with the heroine and we like both of the characters. There s always a bad guy. In this case he was definitely nose-breaking, bad, and everyone showed great restraint in not popping him each time he truly deserved a good smack. I can tell this is a series I will continue to follow even if it is just to have a good break from work and my tendency to ready darker thrillers.

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