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A Fall of Water by Elizabeth Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can honestly say that this book was the best of a really great series. Elizabeth Hunter's writing was consistent across the series. The story grew and continued to draw the reader into the characters and the mystery. She continued to draw you into not just B and Gio's world, but, also into Tenzin, Carwyn and Ben's lives. It has been an experience watching their relationship with each other grow along with B and Ben's relationship with Gio's lifelong friends. It was great getting a glimpse into vampire politics in all the different regions along with the different familial relationships in the different elemental clans. Matt and Dez were great to learn about and gave a different perspective on the relationship between vampires and humans over the years, especially humans that were part of the vampire families.

The editing was much tighter in this final book also. It was really a great, exciting read. The…