Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mira's Diary: Home Sweet RomeMira's Diary: Home Sweet Rome by Marissa Moss
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mira’s Diary Home Sweet Rome
By Marissa Moss
I received an early release Arc of Home Sweet Rome and it fell into the same realm as Lost in Paris. There was this anticipation of what would happen to Mira as she slipped into ancient Rome. There was also this giddiness at seeing Rome through Mira’s and the author’s eyes, though some of her time spent there depicted a very different Rome. One of the amazing things about Italy is that so much of what was there in the 15th and 16th century can still be seen now. Some of it is ruins, but, occasionally you visit someplace like the Pantheon that has existed in its current rebuilt state since approximately 125 A.D. and before it was rebuilt it existed since somewhere between 25-27 B.C.. It is just breathtaking to consider something so old still standing. Mira gets to experience both time periods and see what was originally in Rome and how much things have changed and shares that with the reader.
She has her father and brother to help her as much as they can while Mira learns to control her travels into other times. The rules have not changed but the risks to Mira have grown exponentially because she has travelled to a time when females do not have the same rights or roles as they do in our time and still another time when Jewish citizens are treated as less than other citizens in Rome. Mira again has to determine what wrong she needs to right so that her mom can come back to their time. She has several mysteries to solve to determine what her mom’s messages are guiding her to do in ancient Rome. Mira is growing more into a young adult and unfortunately a great deal of that is now being done without her mom who is still missing.
One of the best things about Home Sweet Rome is living through the trials with Mira as she tries to determine her purpose in Rome. It is not all investigation and move on. She has some serious decisions to make and her life is at risk while she traverses through time to help her mom solve the problem she is determined to solve so that she can rejoin her family in Mira’s time. Home Sweet Rome is a traveler’s dream, a historical book lover’s companion and a great book to add to a mystery book reader’s shelves. It has it all and despite being about a young adult it is a great read for book lovers of all ages. I look forward to the next trip in Mira’s story!
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