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Maid of Secrets by Jennifer McGowan
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If I were a poet I'd write an Ode to this series. I love it. When I described the book to my sister she said "but you don't like period books". I told her that after I read the excellent convent of nuns series I was looking for something else in the same realm and I am not disappointed. Maid of Secrets is the story of 5 young ladies recruited to work for Elizabeth I to help protect her and let her know what is going on at Court. Boy, does she need it because there is more machinations happening in her Court. There are visitors from Scotland and Spain along with all the citizens coming to report problems with which they need help. Maid of Secrets focuses on the delegation from Spain visiting and is also Meg's story. Meg is the last to join the Maids and she comes from a life with an acting troupe where she primarily served as a pickpocket because women were still not allowed to act though she is an excel…