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Vincent by D.B. Reynolds
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, what a great addition to the Vampires of America series. It just gets better and better with each book. I received an early copy via NetGalley and could not wait to dig into Vincent. It is great to see the differences in the vampire lords. Every once in a while I noticed a consistency in the descriptions of the effects of the vampire bite on their mates across the series but, that really is the only thing that I can say that is the same throughout each of these action-packed novels. They are each well written and I love that I get a different story each time. There are character details that make each lord stand out. My favorite character detail about Vincent was a scene regarding a classical guitarist deep in Mexico. Obviously, that each gets mated in their story is a consistent feature of each book, but, each of them is as diverse as their mates. Another great aspect of these stories is the really cool gifts displayed by each of t…