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Susan T. RoosGuest Blog
Hi, Cheryl! Let me start by thanking you for hosting me today. There’s so many things we could talk about in my first book release, Girl Spoken for, but let’s touch on a few messages and themes throughout, not only this book, but the series. Girl Spoken For was born from one simple idea. One simple story; a girl’s rough road when she has a child while in high school. And as the story blossomed into this other world, I intentionally wanted not only Tatum Duncan’s story told, but I wanted to sneak a few messages in along the way. Maybe they’re not so subtle to the reader which would be great.
Some parents typically make a huge mistake (NOT ALL PARENTS) in raising teens.
When a woman gives birth they’re are guilty of having a vision of how their child’s lives will be (yes, I’ve done this too). So you take that picture in your head and never see anything else.
A common picture some parents miss is reality—what’s really happening in their child’s life. Or maybe you’re…
Girl Spoken For by Suzie T. Roos
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Girl Spoken For is the beginning of a new YA trilogy by Suzie T. Roos that I was granted an early release copy of from Netgalley. I have to admit that I was intrigued by the title of this book. It is what drew me to it and of course the blurb on the back cemented my desire to read this book. I kept going back and looking at the cover and trying to determine what about it kept drawing my attention. Even as I read it I kept going back to it. I finally figured it out after I finished the book and went back to the cover and stared at it like I do pictures in a museum. I won't give it away in case someone else had the same thing happen to them. It is a great cover but something that made me question what it means.

Girl Spoken For is told from the point of view of a 15/16 year old teen in the 10th grade, Tatum. It chronicles her daily life and how she ends up "spoken for" by the grandson of a mob boss. It also gives an …
Revive by Tracey Martin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars action packed thriller about Sophia, a girl with some pretty amazing gifts like speed, agility, ability to compute things in her head that most would need a computer program to work out and some really serious fighting skills. I was able to obtain an early release copy via the wonderful NetGalley in exchange for a review. We meet Sophia as she is coming out of a stupor with a good chunk of her memory missing. She is in what appears to be some sort of mall with a food court and there are men chasing her but she does not know who they are or quite what they want. The reader is along for the ride as Sophia tries to remember her past, who she really is and what she is doing with a young man named Kyle in the mall. She is also injured and cannot recall how she has become injured.

As the story moves along we move back and forth between current day and the time just before Sophia arrives at her college. We learn who she is and why …