Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Only the Good Spy Young (Gallagher Girls, #4)Only the Good Spy Young by Ally Carter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It goes without saying that I loved Only the Good Spy Young. This book continued with the same great action scenes and an excellent mystery. There were even several good curve balls thrown in there. The characters were still well written.

I am looking forward to #5, Out of Sight, Out of Time. I'm a little worried about it though based upon the ending of this book. The ending was good but, it sounded it like it was ramping up for Cammie to do something really stupid. Yes, she is impetuous at times, but, she tends to be pretty smart. She does tend to sometimes believe she can compare her teenage skills to those of an adult in the field who has not only the same education, but, many years of field experience. It goes without saying that she is pitting herself against killers with weapons. The title of this book sounds like it could go either way on whether she goes through with her not-so-smart plan considering leaving doesn't stop the bad guys from still hurting someone she loves to make her change her plans or control her. As a matter of fact, it pretty much makes it easier since they will be short 1 person and she will have no backup. Well, a year to wait and see. On to Heist Society.

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