Friday, March 22, 2013

Deadly Sting (Elemental Assassin, #8)Deadly Sting by Jennifer Estep
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I received an e-Arc of Deadly Sting and loved every moment of it. I took some time reading Widow's Web because I caught a hint of part of the story arc. Once I made it through, and still loved it I did not hesitate to jump right into this one. I mentioned in my review of Widows's Web that part of the overall theme of the series is that Gin doesn't just help the people she jumps in to defend. She also seems to in some way end up needing them to step up and help themselves. This one was a bit different from that. We always get to see more into how Gin is growing and changing and how her past plays a part in this change.

Deadly Sting does one thing that I really enjoyed, spend more time with Fletcher Lane. I have always been bummed that we don't get to know him better when he was such a big influence in her life. We pretty much see Gin as she is as an adult and though we get flashes of Fletcher in the books we never get to know who he is and how he got to be that way. Maybe one day Jennifer Estep will write a novella based upon Fletcher Lane or even a full novel that would backtrack when Mab is in her heyday and Fletcher is Gin's handler and who her love interest was at the time, etc. That would be great. Another thing I would love to see is something about Gin's father. We know absolutely nothing about him other than Mab's interest in him.

Deadly Sting was more of an action packed ride where there were 2 mysteries, one was more a mystery for Gin's friends and the other involves who set up the events in the museum. Getting to the answers of who is responsible for everything is more than just seeing who the players are during the robbery and it adds to the tension and gives the reader something to look forward to in future books. I have to admit that I am more a fan of stories that do not drag on one villain for too long, in books and in television shows. Catch Red John for crying out loud! I am invested in this series and it is one of few that I am still following because the characters have not driven me away, even Owen.

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