Saturday, March 28, 2015

His Billion Dollar DilemmaHis Billion Dollar Dilemma by Alexia Adams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

His Billion Dollar Dilemma,received from NetGalley, was a good read with interesting characters. It centered on Helen, an extremely smart engineer who was roommates with her brother, also a genius, who is trying to save her company. Her boss is selling his company along with the patents she developed. He does not much care what happens to the 30 or so employees at the firm but Helen cares. She does what she has to so that she can save their jobs and in the course of trying to convince the corporate raider who is buying the firm to slice and dice it to sell off the parts for millions of dollars stumbles upon a very good-looking British millionaire that she refers to as a pirate. She gets to know him and sees more in him than how he even knows he is capable of feeling. Simon has had a steady diet of people that either were indifferent to him or betrayed him so Helen has her work cut out for her to convince him to care about the jobs of 30 people.

His Billion Dollar Dilemma tells a great story with some very quirky characters that have the reader laughing out loud at times. Helen's brother, David, is extremely colorful and does some things that make you want to cheer and also make you want to kick him in the leg a few times. But, his love for his sister and his protection of her allows you to not kick him too hard. Helen has a great set of friends and I got the feeling like I missed a few books in a series with the story of Liam and Mar

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