Saturday, April 11, 2015

Schism (November Man, #2)Schism by Bill Granger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Schism is the second book in the November Man series. I am totally enamored of this series and have a great appreciation for this sub-genre of thriller, an espionage story. I received a copy of Schism from Netgalley, which rocks by the way. I love this series enough that if it exists on audiobook I will be reliving it again and buying them. When I learned that this series started originally in 1979 I wondered how it was that I had missed them all these years. No worries I have found them and plan to devour them one after another.

Schism has the frosty November Man, Agent Devereaux, in Miami, investigating the return of a Catholic priest who went missing over 20 years prior in Asia, Agent Devereaux's former playground, where he spent many years stationed. Every agency wants to know where the priest has been during all of the years he has been missing and given the possibility that he may have been involved with the CIA while he was in Asia there is great concern about what secrets he may have. Every letter of the alphabet soup of the government has touched down in Miami to determine the priest's next moves, including the Russians. There is murder, mayhem, and many secrets that come to light. We get to see the November Man at his best and a bit of his vulnerability. Really looking forward to The Shattered Eye.

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