Friday, January 15, 2016

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Tristan Kingston is working on his Master’s degree at Cambridge University. He has a very interesting family lineage and he is very attractive. Katherine or Kat is a first year undergraduate at another college at Cambridge University who has led a pretty sheltered life. She tends to work hard and keep mostly to herself because she and her father have moved around a lot for her father’s job. She starts extending herself more because she knows that she will be at Cambridge for at least 3 years. She has already made some great friends and now thinks maybe she might start dating someone when she sees Tristan for the first time. She is totally enamored of him as he is with her. But, Tristan has some really heavy things in his background that he is not necessarily keeping secret but, he doesn’t like to talk about them much. Tristan and Kat have hit it off pretty good but Kat still wants to protect her heart and Tristan has no clue what he is feeling because he has never experienced these feelings before.

Forbidden: Her British Stepbrother is a great story that takes the reader through the highs and lows of a relationship between two people that have never been in love and have things in their family lives that have greatly impacted their ability to have romantic relationships. Kat is a great character with lots of depth. The reader cannot help but like her and want the best for her. She is extremely bright, hard-working and loves books. What booklover wouldn’t love Kat? Tristan, despite his previous bad-boy ways draws the reader in with his bewildered attraction to Kat. If the reader did not sympathize so much with him they might get a good chuckle out of how confused he is at his own behavior. One thing I found very interesting is that 95% of the book is about their relationship and we learn about Kat’s father and Tristan’s mother but the poke in Tristan and Kat’s eyes, so-to-speak, does not occur until the very end giving the reader an additional chapter to see how the first meeting with the four of them goes and leaves the reader to pull out their hair as they wonder what happens next and when the next book is going to be released. 

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