Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Royal ChaseRoyal Chase by Sariah Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Royal chase is the next installment in the Royals of Monterra series for which I received an early release Arc from Netgalley in exchange for a review. Royal Chase is Dante and Lemon's story. Lemon and Dante are already well acquainted with each other and have actually become close friends. They appear to have strong romantic feelings for each other that we see Dante pursuing and Lemon pulling back because her fears about him are based on his terrible reputation in the media for being a womanizer. But, Lemon has been hired as the PR person for the Royals of Monterra and as such has gotten Dante involved in a search for a wife on a reality show being filmed in Los Angeles. She is there to protect his interests and control the release of information about the royal family. The show starts off with it being a secret that Dante is a royal prince. When it is apparent one of the girls vying for the role as Dante's princess knows that he is a princess and she is not shy about sharing the information which will ruin the theme of the show she is removed from the contestant list and sent home. Unfortunately, she has told two other contestants and now the show will not have the typical 25 contestants. It is about to begin recording within the next couple of hours and there is not enough time to find another contestant for the show and Lemon is sitting right there available but newly engaged.

As the show moves forward Dante goes through the dating regime for the show with the different contestants and the women are sequestered in a mansion where the filming covers how they relate to each other. Dante is pretty forthcoming with his feelings for Lemon and he seems to see Lemon's feelings for him might just be the same as his feelings. We see Lemon's struggle to determine whether she should take a risk and follow her heart with Dante or play it safe with her current fiance, Sterling, who actually does not have a good history of treating Lemon very well either. Royal Chase has some great funny moments and draws the reader into Dante and Lemon's story. It is worth mentioning there are some pretty good twists in this story also so I am looking forward to the next story in this series.

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