Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Marry Your BillionaireMarry Your Billionaire by C.J. Anaya
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Marry Your Billionaire is what is thought of as a modern day Cinderella. I received a free copy in exchange for review from eBooks for Review via Inspired Kathy. It is the story of Midge Knightly, the only daughter of a famous television producer in California and a former actress. Midge spent her childhood following in her father's footsteps until she realized being in the limelight and in the world where famous people have no privacy and live their lives for the public to dissect. When she became an adult she decides to carve out her on niche and become an author, much to her father's dismay.

Midge meets Brody by chance in a cafe. Brody owns a very successful dating agency but has an image problem which leads him to agree to sign on as a rich bachelor on a reality show designed to find him a wife. It turns out that the reality show is her father's next big hit and he happens to now be short one contestant, which he plans to have Midge fill in for in exchange for receiving her trust fund back. Brody has already decided that he is interested in Midge and knowing that she will be a contestant on the show he decides to use the situation to his advantage and everything that could go wrong goes wrong. From jealous, backstabbing contestants to miscommunications it seems that Brodie and Midge just will not find their way to each other.

Midge is a forward, outspoken, intelligent woman who is very weary of meeting new people because in the past they all seemed to want to use her to get to her father. She has a hard time trusting and is willing to go it alone to forego the disappointment of yet another man being interested in her just to get to her father. Brody has been spending time with the wrong women and can't seem to trust that women are interested in just him and not his money. Their verbal sparring is fun to read, but, the miscommunications are enough to make the reader want to pull out a couple of handfuls of hair. But, it is a great, fun story with interesting characters.

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