Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Killfile: A NovelKillfile: A Novel by Christopher Farnsworth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Could Killfile be any better? I received a copy in exchange for an honest review from Edelweiss. I can start by saying that I have always been a big fan of Christopher Farnsworth's work. He knows his way around a good thriller and writes excellent fight scenes. Killfile is about John Smith, a guy who has some interesting gifts, the ability to read the thoughts of others. He went through extensive training with the CIA and strikes out on his own. He leaves under good terms and uses his gifts to help businesses with problems that regular investigators would have trouble investigating. His latest client is a tech genius who thinks a former employee stole something extremely valuable and asks John Smith to investigate. He begins what should be a pretty easy investigation using his talents when things go completely wrong and John Smith ends up on the run from someone who has extreme tech skills that he uses to put John's back against the wall, not to mention the fact that he is working with one of his client's employees, Kelsey. It is Kelsey's job to help John out in the field so when things go bad Kelsey also becomes a target of the target of their investigation.

Killfile stands is a great addition to Christopher Farnsworth's bibliography. He wrote some really complex and interesting characters. We see how John and Kelsey's backgrounds drive them and affect their lives. They are both successful at what they do and it helps them stay ahead of Preston as he chases them across the country. There is also a great mystery in Killfile as the reader tensely waits to find out what made the meeting between Preston and John go so wrong that he reacted with violence. The reader also is along for the ride as John builds up to pushing back and showing what his gifts really can do when he lets them go full strength. I can see this going into a series and hope to see more in John Smith's world. Either way, I will continue to be a Christopher Farnsworth fan.

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