Friday, October 14, 2016

Christmas at Eden ManorChristmas at Eden Manor by Noelle Adams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brie and Cyrus meet in Savannah, GA while both are enjoying their favorite painting at an art exhibit. It was one that was the least viewed in the entire show, however, the one they both loved to revisit over and over. Brie noticed Cyrus one day when he was visiting the painting and they both stopped into the same cafe just outside of where the painting was hung in the exhibit. They talk and discuss the exhibit and their thoughts and feelings about the painting. They are drawn to each other, however, there is a large gap in their ages and Cyrus is only in Savannah visiting for the month. Despite these differences, they cannot stay away from each other. They agree to spend the week together before Cyrus leaves to spend Christmas with his family at a B&B. Cyrus and Brie are both single and are drawn to each other and enjoy the week together, so much that Cyrus extends his time with her, right up to the day before he leaves. They have a difficult time parting and are both heartbroken.

Brie goes to visit her extended family at their new B&B and is shocked to find that it is the same B&B that Cyrus is spending Christmas at with his family. What transpires is hard for both families to watch and for both Brie and Cyrus to experience. Christmas at Eden Manor delivers a slow and sweet story where the reader gets to watch Brie and Cyrus fall in love, go through the pain of parting and ultimately finding each other again. It is a wonderful story to experience.

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