Thursday, November 10, 2016

Her Fateful DebutHer Fateful Debut by G.G. Vandagriff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Her Fateful Debut was a fun, clean romance. I received a free e-Arc from Ebooks For Review in exchange for an honest review. Although I have been reading romances for a couple of years now, I am much newer to the historical romance sub-genre. I do enjoy books in locations outside of the U.S., especially if they give me a good sense of being there. I can honestly say that although I enjoy reading about this era in British history, I most certainly wouldn't want to live there. The entire concept of a woman not inheriting from her own father because she is a woman is completely horrible. I have no clue when this atrocious rule stopped, but, I do know that there are still some people out there that leave things only to the first-born son. I wonder how that works when the first-born son is an idiot who wastes and gambles things away.

Her Fateful Debut introduces Penelope who apparently is a great beauty, an excellent artist, a bit of a tom-boy, smart and someone who speaks her mind. She has been sent to London to stay with her aunt who is introducing her to society so that she can find a husband. It seems to be going extremely well until she happens upon Deveraux, a French spy, at a park where she is sketching what she sees in the park and that someone does not want to be drawn. He is in the middle of doing something extremely dangerous and he has no problems taking his anger out on a woman. Penelope's life is in danger and Viscount Beau Wellingham is present in the park and witnesses the French man's verbal abuse of Penelope. He is so concerned for her safety that he thinks he needs to keep an eye on her to ensure that Devereaux does not attack Penelope again. He is right to be concerned because at Penelope's very first ball she is attacked and Beau comes to her aid. What follows is the story of a gentleman of the ton is supposed to do when caught alone with an unmarried woman, he protects her honor by becoming engaged to Penelope. A sweet romance develops between Beau and Penelope, but, it is not an easy trip down the aisle. There is more intrigue, and even the dreaded love triangle in Regency times. Although that is not my "trope" this one was not too painful. I would imagine this would occur quite a bit in Regency times when a woman is put on the market for all eligible bachelors to come 'acallin and she has several viable suitors. In Penelope's case she has to choose between a childhood friend and this exciting man. It is a fun read that I enjoyed very much.

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