Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Promise MadeA Promise Made by Anissa Garcia
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Some stories just make the reader feel good. A Promise Made is one of those stories. I received a copy from Barclay Publishing in exchange for an honest review. A Promise Made is the second in the story of three friends, Josh, Evan and Zach who each have promises that they have to live up to when they meet the one. Josh has wanted Marla from the moment he met her. She and Grace (A Promise Kept) are best friends and Grace is well aware that Josh is interested in Marla who won't give him the time of day. Not only will she not give him the time of day. She acts as if she seriously dislikes him. The harder he tries, the meaner she seems to get. Marla is having trouble at work. She has worked hard to get a raise so she can afford to take the vacation she has dreamed of and saved for soon. However, the owner's son is now working at the firm and he is showing a lot of interest in Marla, very unwanted interest. It is not long until his interest turns hostile when Marla turns him down.

Josh is a well-accomplished personal trainer who trains several Hollywood actors, one of which is his friend Evan. He is in Austin because Evan is there temporarily until he goes to his next site for filming. Since Josh is Evan's dedicated personal trainer he travels with him on location. Grace is worried about her pal Marla after she is mugged in the parking garage where she parks during work hours. Grace asks Josh to look out for and train Marla in self-defense after the mugging. This is Josh's chance to spend time with Marla and hopefully, work up to convincing Marla to go out with him. Marla's problems get worse when her home and car are vandalized. Josh wants to protect her and he has a promise that he made to Grace that he has to keep. Things take a turn and both Marla and Josh have to determine how long they both plan to let the past affect their future. It is a great story with a great ending.

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