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Hot For The Scot by Janice Maynard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hot for the Scot offered a lot of my favorites in one read. I received an early release copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This was not only a great romance but, it was also a great armchair travel book. Hayley Smith and her two best friends were very close when growing up. But, when they were teens their lives all take different paths, with moving to other areas and choices they make that cause them to not be able to spend as much time together as they did as children. But, one thing they all have in common which keeps them close is their love for reading, especially a particular series with time travel and a historical romance based in Scotland. They each dream of meeting their very own 'Hot Scot' and make a pact to remove all modern obstacles during their trip like mobile phones and the Internet. They also agree to strike out individually for the month and become a part of the areas that each is v…
Fans of Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries will enjoy CAPTURED, a New Adult Contemporary Romance with a modern royals flair by award winning author Jennifer Chance. Lauren Grant is a hard-partying celebutante dedicated to avoiding anything that might tie her down, but Dimitri Korba, the gorgeous and arrogant captain of the Garronia National Security Force and her unwanted bodyguard just might change her mind in this new installment in Chance's Gowns & Crowns series.

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Captured: Gowns & Crowns by Jennifer Chance
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Captured is Lauren's story in the Gowns & Crowns series. I have to admit I loved Emmaline's story and was really looking forward to seeing what was next in this series. The group of friends meet Prince Kristos and his fellow military friends in the first story. In this story the ladies are still on the island because of the huge media storm that started in the Courted so this is a direct continuation of the story but from a different perspective. I received an early release copy of Captured in exchange for review. I have to admit that Lauren was the one I liked the least of the friends. The ladies have very diverse backgrounds and personalities.

Lauren is the wealthy friend who has been having a problem for many years but it appears to be coming to a head in Captured. She is being stalked by a very wealthy man. She has stayed on the move and out of his reach for quite some time. With Lauren and her fr…
Forbidden by Lauren   Smith My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Tristan Kingston is working on his Master’s degree at Cambridge University. He has a very interesting family lineage and he is very attractive. Katherine or Kat is a first year undergraduate at another college at Cambridge University who has led a pretty sheltered life. She tends to work hard and keep mostly to herself because she and her father have moved around a lot for her father’s job. She starts extending herself more because she knows that she will be at Cambridge for at least 3 years. She has already made some great friends and now thinks maybe she might start dating someone when she sees Tristan for the first time. She is totally enamored of him as he is with her. But, Tristan has some really heavy things in his background that he is not necessarily keeping secret but, he doesn’t like to talk about them much. Tristan and Kat have hit it off pretty good but Kat still wants to protect her heart and Tristan has no clue what he …
Inconceivable! by Tegan Wren
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Inconceivable fits in with my guilty pleasure reads, modern day royal romances. It is the story of Hatty and Prince John who is third in line for the throne after his grandmother and father, Prince Leopold. They meet at a Karaoke bar and though they expect to not see each other again Hatty is assigned to write a story about the royal family and they fall for each other all over again. As they grow closer together Hatty's professional life becomes a point of contention, especially a story she is covering on the smelting plant that the royal family owns. Things really heat up and they marry. Hatty becomes a target for every news agency and tabloid in the world that wants to sling mud and innuendo. She gives up everything to be with John, her job, finishing her degree and her home in the Ozarks.

Prince John and Hatty's marriage does work well and they grow closer and begin to have hopes of having a child which as a royal prince…