Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Holiday in BathA Holiday in Bath by Julie Daines
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Three good regency era romances in one book. How can you go wrong? I received a free copy from eBooksForReview in exchange for an honest review. I was not aware of this ahead of time, but, each story involved a hero that was a physician. Until recently, I had no idea that physicians were not as revered in the wealthy groups of England, or the Ton, as they are now. Not only were they not as revered, they were seen as lower in a caste system for a wealthy woman to marry. Now, a woman marrying a doctor is seen as a great catch, especially one with a specialization like a surgeon or a dermatologist. Obviously, a country doctor at that time would be seen as the lowest, even if he comes from a good family or had a titled background which is so odd. Even with a title, working as a physician seemed to denigrate the man's standing. The titled person should only give money and not time as it was an embarrassment to the family. So odd. I would have thought that at any time helping others would be a worthy thing and not beneath anyone.

Each of the stories had a different kind of heroine, each likable, and great characters in each story. What was hilarious was after each story I would say this one is my favorite so of course, after I finished The Fine Art of Kissing in the Park it became my favorite of the stories. Actually, Ormonde, the dog, and Lady Lynher, Caroline's grandmother, gave this story a great kick. Both were funny and took the story to a new level. Jack's sister Henrietta was not too shabby with all her interfering and her husband, Percy, and his embarrassment at his wife's matchmaking antics gave more light to the story. The terrible "Bath" water and how each story seemed to have the place where all of the "wealthy" set visited to drink the water which was supposed to have amazing restorative powers was a great way to tie the stories together without the characters crossing over. Bath became a character in its right. Overall, it was a good read and I enjoyed each on.

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