Monday, January 15, 2018

Reluctantly Royal (HRH, #1)Reluctantly Royal by Gillian Archer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Phenomenal book! I received a copy via NetGalley and the Random House - LoveSwept in exchange for an honest review. Just when you think you might not like a protagonist nicknamed "His Royal Hotness", a book surprises you. Hannah Allen has had her share of trials, both physical and mental. Her family and she have persevered. She has still emerged as a strong, vivacious and lovely person. She has a family and friends that adore her. Her life may have taken a different road and she may work in a field that is getting her by while she works out just what she wants to do with her life, other than get away from a mean boss.

Prince Lucien AKA His Royal Hotness has pretty much spent the last years dedicated to his military career until he loses his twin brother and father. His older brother, the reigning monarch for Monaco, has made it his mission to push Lucien into doing his duty, which includes taking on duties of the spare which means meetings and even an arranged marriage might be in the works. Lucien has given in to some of the demands, however, he is not keen on marriage to someone he doesn't know. He will take the tasks one at a time which includes speaking at an event in Las Vegas, NV. While taking time out from his business duties he goes to a non-descript bar where he meets Hannah. Opposites could not attract more, but, they each bring their own baggage from lost siblings to illness. Reluctantly Royal is a warm, funny and, at times, heartbreaking book. If you love contemporary royal romance then this is the start of what promises to be a great series.

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