Friday, June 22, 2018

Scotland or BustScotland or Bust by Kira Archer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Who wouldn't love a trip to the UK, especially when the weather is pretty decent? Even better is to visit the countryside and Scotland. I received a copy of Scotland or Bust via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Nicole is basically running away from her life. She has left her job, broken up with her boyfriend, sold pretty much everything and is heading to her dream location with the hope of finding the life she has dreamed of and seeing the sites mentioned in her favorite book series, Outlander, would just be the icing on the cake of her new dream life. She boards her flight and things start off with a great big bang or a handsome Brit as a seatmate.

Harrison Troy is on a flight to visit his family in the countryside of England. He cringes at the shenanigans of his family but, he always dedicates the Summer to going home. This year is different. This year his family, who runs a travel service, are kicking off their new tour which happens to follow the Outlander book series including staying in a castle and visiting sites in Scotland. How fortuitous that Nicole dreams of doing that tour but it is all booked up. It also just so happens that Harrison's assistant has quit and he needs help getting the maiden tour off the ground. Nicole just so happens to need a job and getting in on the tour just makes this the best job ever. Nicole and Harrison have amazing chemistry but, Harrison is only in the UK for the Summer and plans to head back to his amazing job in the States and Nicole is moving to the UK when they meet on the plane.

Scotland or Bust is a hilarious, romantic comedy. Harrison's relatives could hold their own in a book just about them, especially the grandmother. Nichole's antics fit right in with the Troys and the developing friendship between Nichole and Harrison is great to follow. I now have to go and dig up more by this author because this was a great read!

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