Monday, April 25, 2011

Dark SoulsDark Souls by Paula Morris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A good friend at a local indie heard me raving over Paula Morris' Ruined. When the ARC for Dark Souls came in she saved it for me and surprised me with it last a short time ago and I could not resist starting it as soon as I was able. I am really not a ghost story fan. But, I really love Paula Morris' writing. She really tells a good story. I will start with the cover. It is haunting but, I really like it. The cobblestone streets and the whole 'Old England' appeal to it just draw me in and I imagine there really is a street that looks like this in York.

We have a set of new characters in Dark Souls. I have to admit I was hoping there was more New Orleans in this one. But, one of the things that this author does so well is set a scene. She does an excellent job of helping you feel as if you are actually seeing the buildings, streets and people yourself. She does not overdo it by inundating us with what someone is wearing or what the furniture looks like. She gives us what is pivotal to the story. She just has a way of making you see the picture in your head if you are visual reader like me.

In Dark Souls a family tragedy has turned the Tennant family's world upside down. They decide to take advantage of both parents having a chance to do some visiting work in York, England, and make it a family vacation. Miranda, the curious intelligent protagonist of the story, has come to England with what might be seen as a gift or a curse. As she works her way through it alone she becomes engulfed in a mystery that has its basis in the early 1800's and is one of the pivotal moments in York, England's history. The story is well written and supports my initial reaction to Paula Morris' writing skills and I look forward to where she takes us to visit next.

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