Sunday, April 24, 2011

The President's Vampire (Nathaniel Cade #2)The President's Vampire by Christopher Farnsworth

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Cade is the president's vampire inherited from president to president. The story of how this occurred is told in Blood Oath and is a good read also. In this installment Cade and Zach are up against not only some of the same elements from Blood Oath but, some pretty nasty creatures. I do have a few holes in my memory from Blood Oath. But, I remember really liking it a lot and thinking how cool would it be if the president had a weapon like that. I was excited when I saw the latest in the series was being released. I got a hold of a copy a few days before it hit the shelves and it did not disappoint.

I am not that squeamish, but, some of it was a bit gory for me. But, it did not take away from how well the story was told. I am not a big government intrigue fan, though I did enjoy the Bourne movies. But, there is just something about how kick butt Cade is through and through. More than that he seems to have a deep belief in what he does which makes his oath even more of a bind on him. It feels like a carryover from whom he was before he turned and that even then he was a devoted patriot. I always go back to Blood Oath when he first made his appearance in the story. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it but, it was a very exciting scene and is well worth reading Blood Oath if you have not taken a look at that one yet.

I have to wonder if the blurbs at the beginning of most of the chapters were true research or rumored projects or just part of the story. I can say that initially they were quite interesting. When I was excited to get to the rest of the story they felt like roadblocks so I started ignoring them so I could get to what happened next with Cade and poor ole Zach who smartens up quite a bit. I felt like I was in the theater yelling at the idiot saying no don't do that and watching them do it anyway for most of Zach's part in this story. But, he did not disappoint and Cade's protection of his partner is part of what makes you feel like there is more to what he does for the country then just his oath. Of course, Tania is still Tania and we have to wait and see how she feels about her part in this story in the next installment. I'm sure she'll wax poetic for about 3 seconds.

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