Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The 7th Woman (Paris Homicide, #1)The 7th Woman by Frédérique Molay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received The 7th Woman from Netgalley where I am really due to review this quite some time ago. Boy do I regret waiting. But, when my reading gets extremely fickle I back off of reviewing because I tend to start and stop books that I normally would love when I am in this kind of reading slump and I have been in one for over 6 months. I am glad I finally got into this book. One of the interesting things is I expected it to be more like armchair travel but I realize now that if the author lives in France then they would write about it as something they see everyday as opposed to making it more attractive to those who want to picture everything. There was good description of where things occurred but I didn't get the feeling of an armchair traveler. I had more of the feeling of this is where "we" live so things occur on this street or that street. But, it was great to have that feeling of living in Paris and not sightseeing there.

The 7th Woman was an intense mystery/thriller which I am happy to say I guessed correctly, not because it was easy but mainly because the bad guy just rubbed me the wrong way so I blamed it on that person. One thing that was harder for me to grasp was the emotional struggle that Nico was having between getting his behind back to finding the killer instead of worrying about a lady. I kept wanting to yell at him and say get back to work. But, I guess when people start falling they get a bit of tunnel vision. There were some great surprises and some pretty good character development also. The 7th Woman also jerked on the emotions because we start to learn about the other police officers and we start becoming invested in what happens to them. I have to admit that I did not notice that the French police carry weapons but I'm so glad they do because they really needed weapons with this kind of evil to handle. I look forward to reading Crossing the Line!

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