Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Seducing the Dragon: Part One (Stonefire Dragons, #5)Seducing the Dragon: Part One by Jessie Donovan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have a fascination with dragon stories and it is really interesting to read a dragon story where they are partially integrated within our society. It almost seems a bit like how the native tribes are here in the U.S., part of the U.S. but having their own territories and government. It is great that the story is written in the Scotland area with some aspects of the British government involved. I received Seducing the Dragon from the author with a promise to review it honestly. I have to admit that being new to romance/racy romance stories is quite new to me so I look around and see if anyone is reading over my shoulder and get a bit embarrassed at some of the words. Seducing the Dragon has some racy language but it is a great story. I hope that the author will write a full novel soon because she has a great backdrop set up in Scotland and a group of people with stories waiting to be told and I look forward to all of them. The relationships are contentious and interesting. The landscape is not as well flushed out but I hope that will be coming as I love to see pictures of Scotland and its cliffs.

In Seducing the Dragon Evie, an employee with the Department of Dragon Affairs, has come to the clan Stonefire under the guise of investigating the welfare of a baby who lost his human mom and checking on the status of Melanie, the latest human sacrifice to the Stonefire clan. She also has an ulterior motive which requires the cooperation of Bram, the Dragon Lord of the Stonefire clan and has a plan to get his assistance. Determining if it will work is what we are waiting to see. It is great to see more about Bram though we do not get to read his story. We get a glimpse into who he is and a bit about him. I can see an entire novel written on Bram and Evie and hope that one day the author will suss that out. Another thing I would like to see is how the clan came to be and how the relationship between the dragon shifters and humans has come about. In addition, it would be great to see how humans became aware of the dragon shifters. Jessie Donovan has so much raw material to draw upon that I can see a lot more coming from these characters. Another thing I thought about was learning more about the dragon shifters' skills and magic. As I read each one I feel as if I walked into the middle of a great movie full of action and I'm asking questions to see what I missed, but the action is there, as are the great characters so I look forward to seeing what is next for Bram and Evie.

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