Friday, May 6, 2016

His Undercover PrincessHis Undercover Princess by Avery Flynn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

His Undercover Princess is a tense, action-packed romantic suspense novel which I received a free copy from Barclays in exchange for an honest review. It is a very suspenseful novel about Elle who has lived many years in hiding, working as a stylist. Elle has been in hiding after a coup leaves her the only living member of her royal family. Dominick is one of her wealthy clients who has come to her under the guise of purchasing a new wardrobe. Although he is truly a wealthy financier, he is also one of the leaders of the resistance fighters that are fighting to get Elle back on the throne of her country.

The resistance fighters need their leader ready to take the throne back from the group that murdered her family and Elle has no interest in leading a country that took her father from her in front of her eyes. But, if Dom has anything to say about it Elle will take on the role and become queen in very short order, but, not before they do what is needed to take back the throne. As Dom prepares Elle for taking back the throne they manage to fall madly in love with each other, but, Dom has other reasons for being part of the resistance since he has lost a lot to the coup as well. He cannot be in a relationship with now Queen Eloise because her only job is to be ready to take the throne and a relationship with him is not in the cards, even if they meet their goals.

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