Monday, June 20, 2016

Gladly BeyondGladly Beyond by Nichole Van
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, what a great story! I received a copy of Gladly Beyond for participation in the Ebooks for Review Program hosted by Inspired Kathy. Claire, Dante and one other art authenticator are invited to Florence, Italy to authenticate a drawing that might be Michaelangelo's work. The catch is that they are all competing to work for the owner at an amazing salary as a permanent authenticator. Unfortunately, Claire is being followed not only by her recent past but, also by a stalker. Claire is being haunted not only by the stalker, an unfortunate incident from her past but, also by her parents' past in the limelight.

Dante has a very interesting past and he also feels a huge amount of responsibility for his family as he and his twin provide major support for the family holdings through their family business. He and his two brothers have what hs been considered a curse, though they have managed to turn it in their favor. Dante and Claire have a connection which turns out to be a bigger connection than could have ever been predicted. This meeting is a catalyst for events that not even the most gifted psychic can predict, though, it appears that one gifted gypsy might just know what is coming.

Gladly Beyond is atmospheric, exciting, mysterious and does a great job with a bit of haunting. It cannot be clearly called a ghost story because it doesn't fit that title either. The mystery is very well written and provides a great twist in the end. The characters are well drawn and provocative. The methodology used to bring in the history of the drawing and each of the characters was innovative and draws the reader into the story. My most favorite part of this story is the great descriptions of Florence, Italy. I could literally picture each of the places and remember my visit to some of the landmarks mentioned in the story. I have already signed up for newsletters from the author so I can grab the next installment in this series when it is released.

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