Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Murder in TimeA Murder in Time by Julie McElwain
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Seriously amazing book! Kendra, an FBI agent who finds herself 200 years in the past, not in her own country, but, in England, in the countryside. A serial killer is at work and this is before Jack-the-Ripper and before there were organized police forces. No Scotland Yard! I actually did not request a copy of this from NetGalley because I did not think it would work for me. I don't read a lot of historical mysteries or romances. I was worried about the time travel piece of it, but, Julie McElwain does a great job with it. The characters were excellently developed. The mystery was exciting and progressed well and had a wonderful buildup that keeps the reader on edge. What really strikes me is that the brilliant FBI agent from 200 years in the future did not just show up and solve the crime and nail the perp because she was more advanced than the people she was surrounded by in the past. I would definitely buy the next book in this series and cannot wait for it to be released! Just a great book!

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