Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wildfire (Hidden Legacy, #3)Wildfire by Ilona Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! I am truly in book love with this series. Wildfire is not exception. I received a copy from Edelweiss and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. It is the third in the Hidden Legacy series, and hopefully not the end because I would follow this series even if it moved publishers or was self-published. It is that great! Mad Rogan is just as mad as he ever was and Nevada Baylor is a character you cannot help but like. They are a great couple, though I just found it odd that she was resigned to the threats he made to her potential suitors. But, that does lead me to what I found to be a funny scene. I will not give all the details so it doesn't spoil it for future readers of the book but, Rogan kept reminding Nevada that she had already said yes to his question and therefore she could not change her mind and anything she said after that point which pointed to not agreeing with something Rogan said was met with a "you already said yes". It is one of those once you read it you will see what I mean about it being a chuckle moment and one of those where you get to see Rogan's softer side.

Another great aspect of Wildfire is getting to see more of Leon, Catalina and Arabella. Bern was in a bit more as well. There is not a member of Nevada's family that is not interesting and that I do not like. That even someone includes Victoria Tremaine. She is the epitome of evil but something about her makes me want to see more of her and see what happens between her and the Baylors and of course Rogan. Wildfire is part the introduction of the other grandmother and also has a great mystery. The husband of another prime has disappeared and who the client is makes the story more intense. Cornelius is back and he and his family add great color to the story, especially Matilda. We see glimpses into why she is important in Wildfire. One of my favorite parts of books is when I get the aha moment about why a mysterious title was given to a book and Wildfire did not let me down in that regard. I loved how the reader is introduced to where the title comes from in the story. I look forward to seeing more in this series as it is my favorite by the Andrews'.

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