Friday, December 1, 2017

Between You and Me (The Harrisons, #4)Between You and Me by Jennifer Gracen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Between You and Me is the fourth story about the Harrisons family and how each of them finds love. I received an eArc in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley and Barclay Publicity. Tess, the sister of the three Harrison brothers is still single. She has had some bad luck with relationships. She is the only one of her siblings without children or the prospect for children despite it being a desire very close to her heart. She is used to being an amazing aunt and sister. Despite her father's behavior over the years, she is also a pretty good daughter. She is ready for a baby of her own, even if it means being a single mom. She knows that once she confides in her brothers they will be there for her and be the male role model that her child would need. Unfortunately, she is not ready to share this information with her family and decides to take off for their home in Aspen to investigate and hopefully get her wish at a very well renowned fertility clinic.

Logan is their house manager in Aspen and has known Tess for years, in a cursory fashion. Both have felt an attraction for the other, but, neither has pursued it. Tess is there to get herself mentally and physically prepared to become a mom. Logan is trying to keep his life drama free and only wants to take care of his mom while she is ill. They begin a friendship that could actually become much more if they would each get out of their own way. Their flirting is fun and a great catalyst for what could be a wonderful romance. Logan might be the answer to Tess' prayers as she tries to choose a great father for her child. It is great reading about how Tess and Logan grow in their relationship and fun to see her interact with her brothers, not so much with her father as she recounts some of the run-ins they have had over the years. If you want to read a warm, fun romance based in Aspen, this is your story.

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