Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Man in the Black SuitThe Man in the Black Suit by Sylvain Reynard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Man in the Black Suit is amazing. Sylvain Reynard has really outdone herself. I admit to being a bit behind in the Florentine series, but, have every intention of catching up. Acacia is working as a concierge in Paris, France when she is tasked with trying to help Cassirer, a wealthy businessman who is expecting her co-worker and not very happy with the change. Acacia does her best to help Cassirer with all of his requests, verbally sparring along the way, even when his requests border on the impossible when she sees what she thinks is stolen painting in his room and reports it to her ex-boyfriend, Luc, who works for the BRB, the agency of the police responsible for investigating art theft. What transpires is a hot romance which traverses the world as Cassirer searches for something that means a great deal to his family and Acacia serves as his translator.

The Man in the Black Suit touches upon some serious issues society faces now, racism, in its ugliest form. We hear about racism here in America and when people of different races visit other countries but we forget that it happens to multiple races, not just what we are most familiar with here in the U.S. This book also touches upon how terrorism is affecting the world and some of the cultural aspects of other nations that we take for granted. It is amazing that the author is able to tackle so many serious topics with so much grace and positivity. I have found that Sylvain Reynard writes an amazing blend of romance, mystery, and thriller. The Man in the Black Suit epitomizes Sylvain Reynard's gift with crafting a story and I look forward to stepping back to the other series to catch up.

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