Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Faerie BloodFaerie Blood by Angela Korra'ti

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Anyone who has read my reviews knows I do not spend a lot of time giving a synopsis of the book because that typically is on Goodreads next to the book cover or on Amazon etc., so, I will move forward. It's great to see another book about the fae that, though it holds to some of what appears to be some traditional terminology in books about this group of supernaturals, it still strikes out on its own. It definitely held me in its grasp, and not only because I could identify with the main character, but also because it felt as authentic as a supernatural urban fantasy could. The book opens with action, which I always love. One of the things that I enjoyed most was the author's ability with words. This book was pretty well edited and obviously well planned by the author. Another thing that comes to mind when I think back is the relationship between Kendis and Christopher. I liked how the friendship developed throughout the book and is still growing. I liked the other characters in this book including Kendis' neighbors, her best friend Jude, her aunt Aggie, and Millicent. They didn't suddenly have powers and just know how to use them. They learned more about themselves and grew. Things that happened were explained. There was plot and character development. It is obviously not paranormal romance though you see romance in its purest form as it is developing. Angela Korra'ti spends a fair amount of time building her vision of a supernatural Seattle and its political relationship with world of the fae. Though I am tolerant, and even enjoy, books with an urban fantasy backdrop that have a heavy dose of the paranormal romance, I tend to prefer less romance and more urban fantasy. I do not interpret fantasy to include paranormal romance and prefer it when the book publishers do not push a book that is more romance than fantasy as an urban fantasy. This book follows my rules in that regard and saved me from the irritation I tend to feel when it comes out the other way around. Angela Korra'ti is another of those authors for whom I knew I stumbled upon something good as soon as I started reading her work. I, of course, had to seek out her website and ensure myself that she had more to come in this series.

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