Monday, May 23, 2011

GraveminderGraveminder by Melissa Marr

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This book feels like Melissa Marr has struck onto something a bit original here. But, that might be because I don't tend to read books that I fear are going to be about zombies. I just do not have the stomach for the zombies, even when they are humorous zombie books. But, this book surprised me and had so much more to offer. The history of Claysville is one that leaves you with a bad taste for the founders of the town. But, as the story develops you eventually feel anger and sympathy for the citizens of Claysville. They seem to have no real power over their own lives though they do seem to cope well. I am not sure I understand why yet and hope that in future books (hopefully this is a series) I will have my suspicions confirmed. Throughout the book I kept singing "Welcome to Hotel California". Not sure where that came from but, we'll see if it is apropos.

Rebekkah and Byron are a pair. They have serious hang-ups about themselves and each other. Watching them work their way around all of the baggage makes for a great read. Watching as their histories unfold not only before us, but also before them, starts off feeling like the old saying about watching a train wreck that you try not to watch but you cannot seem to look away. It then turns into something you just have to know. The story draws you in and makes you want to know why things are the way they are, who is responsible, and if anything interesting might change everything. I was a bit confused about Daisha and it looks like we get to see her more. I thought one thing happened to her and that was how she ended up where she did. But, later it seems I was wrong. I'm not sure if I was supposed to make a leap there or if I missed something. Graveminder is a great story and I look forward to seeing more about Rebekkah and Byron and the weird town of Claysville.

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