Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sleeper AgendaSleeper Agenda by Thomas E. Sniegoski

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an awesome kick butt ending to this 2 part story. I wish there were more coming. I think there is room for more espionage, especially with that ending. It was full of loss, sadness, love, friendship, and growth. It also showed how you can find family in the strangest places.

Tom's story in part 2 is full of the agony of getting to know himself in the most extreme way. He also had to come to terms with what his family really had been. Sometimes when you only have part of a story you do not see the truth of things. This was true for both Tom and Madison. They were surrounded by adults that kept secrets, sometimes deadly secrets. Part of the difficulty of being a child or teenager is when you are too powerless or young to take control of your own life even when you have all the facts. Sometimes, if all goes well, there is someone out there that can and will help you move forward. Another great thing Sleeper Agenda shows is how great it is when someone labels you as something negative and you get the chance to prove them wrong and sometimes rub it in a bit.

I sure hope this is not the end!

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