Monday, August 1, 2011

Sleeper CodeSleeper Code by Thomas E. Sniegoski

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a sensational book! It embodies all that is great in an action book. Tom has a huge secret, one that even he is not aware of for many, many years. The people in his life are not who he thinks they are and his illness, a severe form of narcolepsy, is a bigger problem than he ever dreamed. Tom's narcolepsy has been exploited by some really bad people who are supposed to be the good guys. Just when he finds out the truth the lid is blown off the secret in so many ways.

Madison is the girl next door, literally. She is staying with her aunt and uncle because of some issues with her parents back in Chicago. She reaches out to him when he most needs it and has not had any friends his age in over 3 years. Tom and Madison are great young adults who have found each other right when they both needed a friend. Both of these characters are being bombarded with really adult issues and finding the people they have come to rely on are not quite stepping up to the plate.

My favorite part of this book, the fights scenes. The fight scenes explode off the page and yes, as a Jason Bourne fan, I was picturing just that level of action. The author did not disappoint. I have the first book in the other Sniegoski series but have been on a teenage secret agent kick for a few weeks and this one just adds to my love of this niche in the YA world. I have already bought Sleeper Agenda and will be tearing into it quickly.

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