Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hunting LilaHunting Lila by Sarah Alderson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hunting Lila rang a bell for me. What I liked is that it reminded me of something but I couldn't put my fingers on it. That is a good thing. I finally figured it out later but, it was not enough to turn me away. The fact that she put her own spin on this and totally made it her own is a credit to her writing skills. Her character development is wonderful.

One of the things that I loved about this story is Sarah Alderson's work with character development. Lila is a typical teenager with a huge crush. She has had some traumatic events in her life all spanning from a major event. But, along the way in this story everything she thought was real gets turned on its head. The fashion in which this is told was extremely climatic and I had the same thoughts as all the others on Goodreads. Where is the next book? I would appreciate very much having it right now. But, I can honestly say that it was not left in a way that made me angry. It was done so well that the reader just wanted to know what happens next.

I did want to address the title of book 2, Losing Lila. That title puts a little bit of fear in you, especially when you read the blurb on Goodreads about what the book is about. I was so anxious I was trying to read it on my small HTC screen because my laptop was not up and running. That blurb along with the ending of Hunting Lila and the title of book 2, Losing Lila is a wonderful setup and a great way to keep us hooked! This was a great, exciting, action filled book. I intentionally did not discuss the "bad guys" because that portion of the book is something each reader should experience for themselves. Suffice it to say, I liked it.

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