Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kissed by Darkness (Sunwalker Saga #1)Kissed by Darkness by Shéa MacLeod

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have not been really writing full reviews lately. But, this book deserves for me to spend a few minutes giving it a more detailed review than I have been writing lately. I am not positive but I think that Sunwalker Press the author's own organization and she is self-published. I was wondering how this book would turn out. The editing on the self-published books (I think this is self-published) I have read previously are usually not very well done at all. This book had about 1 missing word and the rest of the editing was very well done. In addition, this woman tells a wonderful story.

The heroine, Morgan Bailey, is seriously kick-butt and quite funny. Morgan is best friends with her boss, Kabita, and quite close with Inigo, the other person that works with her hunting vampires. The three of them have developed a family of sorts and they support each other totally even when they disagree with decisions they make. Inigo has his own secrets and hopefully they will come out in a future book. Jack has a long and troubled past and it was very well told.

There was a few nice twists in this book and I won't say anything about them other than part of the topic was new for me so it was great. I know I have seen other books that talk about this aspect of mythology but, I have never thought I would be interested in this aspect of mythology but I was pleasantly surprised. I don't know if Shea MacCleod has not pitched to a publishing house or if being independent is what she wants. Either way, I hope the word is out there on her books because I really like them. I plan to find out if she is on Twitter so I can continue to follow her work and I have already bought Kissed By Fire.

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