Wednesday, April 11, 2018

RoyalsRoyals by Rachel Hawkins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am a fan of Rachel Hawkins and of Royals. I received The Royals by Rachel Hawkins from First to Read by Penguin Random House. Thank you Penguin Random House for giving me the chance to read it. It does not matter what the topic is I enjoy myself when I am reading one of her stories. Daisy is the teenage sister of Ellie who happens to be engaged to a Scottish prince, Alex. Alex's family does not hurt for being in the tabloids, especially his brother Prince Sebastian who hasn't met a fiasco he hasn't been a part of in his life. Daisy and her parents live in a small town in Florida where they enjoying their quirky, small-town lives. Daisy is still in high school, working at the grocery store and has recently broken up with her boyfriend who has dumped her into the cesspool of tabloid news by selling his "story" as it relates to the Scottish royal family.

Daisy and her parents are called to Scotland to help diffuse the media situation surrounding Daisy and spend a month getting to know their new in-laws and get ready for the upcoming wedding. Daisy has the advantage of being the same age as Prince Sebastian and his interesting band of friends who all have their fair share of tabloid front pages as well thanks to their antics that usually involve the prince. Alex and Ellie just want everyone to get along and to have a great lead up to their wedding. Royals is a hilarious story that shows how far from a calm, uneventful lead up to a wedding Alex and Ellie are going to receive. I loved it! All of the characters were colorful and Daisy is hilarious with her witty repartee and smart butt comments. It is a great story and I look forward to my next read by Rachel Hawkins.

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